What Are the Top Places to Live in Canada and Why?

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Canada is a vast country with some great cities and towns and wildernesses. There are many lovely places to live but which are the top places to live in Canada and why? It depends of course on what you like and whether you like to live in cities or the countryside. Most people want to live somewhere they can have a good standard of living and interesting work.

In international lists of the best places to live Canada has been in the top ten for many years. The high standard of living, low crime rates and clean environment are envied by residents of many countries.

Winnipeg is a city with a diverse economy and population. It is much loved by residents for its urban forest and parks. The wilderness is easily accessible as just to the north is an area of great lakes and the Canadian Shield lies to the east. The climate is dry with lots of sun but cold in the winter. The cost of living in this region of Canada is lower than most other areas and Winnipeg apartments are very affordable.

Calgary is usually associated with the hosting of the winter Olympics. It is a great city for people who love sports, adventure activities and the outdoors. Thanks to high oil prices the city is wealthy and incomes are high. The money has led to a sharp increase in the population which has transformed Calgary into a cosmopolitan city with lots to do. In recent years property prices in the city have risen sharply due to high demand. It is possible to find Calgary apartments close to the center to cut down on commuting.

London, Ontario is a city known for its culture and a thriving high tech industry. The economy also has a solid manufacturing sector and unemployment is low. For a city of relatively small size it has an amazing number of annual festivals in areas as diverse as dogs, to fringe theater, to street painting and spare ribs. Finding a London apartment is easy using dedicated websites. There are apartments dotted all over the city and prices are reasonable and at the lower end of the scale in comparison to the rest of Canada.

If you want to live on the coast then the larger city of Vancouver with its distinctive neighborhoods is a great option. The climate is more temperate than most areas of Canada with milder winters. The city is diverse and has all the benefits associated with living in a large urban area. The economy thrives with a large industrial sector, massive port, bio tech industries and even a large creative and media sector. With all these benefits come the highest property prices in the country. The majority of the high rise and low rise Vancouver apartments are concentrated in the West End of the city.


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